Noble Meadows Farm is a family owned and operated goat dairy and goat milk processor located in southern Alberta, near the town of Nobleford.

Our family began milking goats in 2005 and began processing our own goat milk in 2010. All the work on the farm and in the creamery is done by family members. From feeding and milking the goats to making the delicious cheese and yogurt, as well as delivering the products to our customers.

Our goats are raised as naturally as possible. From April to October they roam the sunny meadows of our farm, grazing to their hearts content. During the winter months they are housed in our warm, straw-filled barns and fed alfalfa which we grow ourselves. They are also fed a mixture of barley and fava beans (both non-GMO) in the milking parlour while they are being milked. Just like cows, goats are milked twice each day. They produce only a few litres of milk per day, so we need quite a few goats to keep us supplied. Our goats are never given hormones. If one of our milking does is sick and requires it, she is given antibiotics and is removed from the milking herd, but this is rarely necessary.

After the morning milking, the fresh goat milk is sent to our creamery via underground pipeline. There it is first pasteurized in our 500L vat. This is a slow process, but it ensures that the milk is not heated unnecessarily high, thereby preserving as much of the nutrients of the milk as possible, while still keeping with the Alberta Agriculture guidelines. Our milk is not homogenized, another process that destroys the natural structure of the milk. We also don’t standardize our milk, meaning that we don’t separate the cream and then add it back to the milk obtain an exact percentage of butterfat. The butterfat of the milk does fluctuate throughout the year and you will notice that in winter the milk is creamier than in summer. 

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